In The Air

Welcome to Thunder Over Louisville, featuring one of the nation’s top air shows and one of the largest annual fireworks shows in the country.  As the official Kentucky Derby Festival Opening Ceremonies, Thunder kicks-off the two-week 2017 Festival.  After dark, prepare for the Thunder as the 28th annual pyrotechnic spectacular explodes to a sensational soundtrack in front of hundreds of thousands of our friends that come in from all across the country.



These Acts Performed At Thunder 2017

The Thunder Over Louisville Airshow has moved up half an hour and is scheduled to begin at 2:30 PM.

2nd Marine Raider Demo AH-1 (2) UH-1(2)
A-10 Thunderbolt II(4)
American Flag
B-25 75th Doolittle Anniversary
Barges/Carbon Cub
Billy Werth Pitts S2C
C-17 Globemaster
Canadian C-142 “Gonzo”
Canadian C-155 Hawk
Canadian F-18 (2)
Canadian Harvards T-6 (4)
F-16 Viper (2)
F-86 Sabre Jet Demo
Ghost Writer-Super Chipmunk
Golden Knights
Heritage Flight (P-51, A-10, F-35)
KC-135 Stratotanker
Kentucky National Guard Helocast
KYANG C130H Air Drop
Lee Leet Super Tucano
Lima Lima T-34 (6)
Matt Younkin Twin Beech
Nick Coleman T-Craft
Red Star-Yakovlev (3)
Show Opening-Golden Knights
T-6 Texan II
Toledo F-16(2) Viper
UPS 757
USN CH-53 Sea Stallion
USN F-18 Hornet TAC Demo

2:30 PM   U.S. Army Golden Knights

2:55 PM   Toledo F-16 (2) Viper

3:03 PM   Canadian Harvards T-1 (4)

3:14 PM   Canadian C-155 Hawk

3:24 PM   Lee Leet Super Tucano

3:36 PM   Canadian C-142 “Gonzo”

3:46 PM   Canadian F-18 (2)

3:56 PM   Lima Lima T-34 (3)

4:13 PM   C-17 Globemaster

4:21 PM   Kentucky National Guard Helocast

4:31 PM   Billy Werth Pitts S2C

4:43 PM   123 AW STS HALO

4:53 PM   Red Star-Yakovlev (3)

5:01 PM   KYANG C-130H Air Drop

5:11 PM   Nick Coleman T-Craft

5:21 PM   UPS 757

5:31 PM   Matt Younkin Twin Beech

5:43 PM   A-10 Thunderbolt II (4)

5:51 PM   B-25 75th Doolittle Anniversery

5:56 PM   Ghost Writer-Super Chipmunk

6:06 PM   C-130J

6:14 PM   U.S. Navy F-18 Hornet TAC Demo

6:31 PM   2nd Marine Raider Demo AH-1 (2) UH-1 (2)

6:41 PM   KC-135 Stratotanker

6:51 PM   F-86 Sabre Jet Demo

7:01 PM   Heritage Flight (P-51, A-10, F-35)

7:21 PM   T-6 Texan II

7:24 PM   E-3C AWACS

7:29 PM  U.S. Navy MH-53 Sea Dragon

7:43 PM   F-16 Viper (2)

7:48 PM   Canadian Harvards T-6 (4)

7:58 PM   Billy Werth Pitts S2C

8:09 PM   Barges/ Carbon Club

8:34 PM   Lima Lima T-34 (3)

8:46 PM   U.S. Army Golden Knights

9:05 PM   Meijer Moment

9:06 PM   Matt Younkin Twin Beech

9:18 Pm   American Flag

9:30 PM   Boom! Fireworks!

10:00 PM Thunder FoodFest continues at the Chow Wagon until 11 PM.

11:00 PM Ohio River opens to normal traffic.


PLEASE NOTE: Aircraft and times subject to change on show day.